About Us

Lavish Doll House Co. Is An Online Boutique Based In Louisiana. Fashion Mixed With Southern Taste And Luxury And Lavish Lifestyle! Do You Like Luxe And Lavish Things? Do You Love Being Different And Like Standing Out? I Thought So! Lavish Doll House Brings All Of Our Luxe Barbies Fashion Pieces You Can't Find Anywhere Else! Everything We Have Is What You've Been Looking For! Stand Out In The Crowd And Be The Trending Topic! Become A Luxe Barbie And Rock Some Limited Edition Pieces We've Worked Hard On Being DIFFERENT From Any Other Shop In The Fashion Industry You've Ever Shopped With! And We Will Continue To Bring You Luxe Fashion Pieces To Satisfy That Fashion Tingle You Got! Don't Believe Me? Take A Look And See For Yourself!