Baddie On A Budget!

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Fashion is simply just being you! Your own sense of style has no price tag, you can put on whatever makes you feel good and beautiful in! Fashion styling is what you wear and how you wear it, no one said you had to buy high priced fashion pieces to look like a Baddie!

Here's a couple tips on how to look a baddie on a budget:

#1 For A Glamour Touch

Including sequins or faux furs in any outfit can have your outfit go from casual to that baddie is EXTRA! Cute? Blingy? Soft and Luxurious? A simple staple piece of such will always have you looking expensive! Fashion sites such as Forever21 and Asos has some affordable faux fur jackets that will match any mood your in! 

#2 Beat For The Gods

Along with your EXTRA af outfit, comes along makeup and hair! You want to look EXPENSIVE and not spend it! A simple slay of makeup and hair done can have you looking like a instagram baddie without the effort in the outfit! By all means, I am not saying wearing makeup is necessary, but you do want to get that IG Baddie look and feel. So wearing makeup and having your hair slayed can help you reach that goal right?

Here's a video of my girl Jackie Aina, who is a well-known beauty influencer! She will share a couple more tips with you to help you save a little coin and help you look like a baddie on a budget! Enjoy!

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